Why Choose GGM

Why Choose GGM

Education is a serious investment, not only in terms of finances but also in terms of time and future professional development. Thus, there are many reasons why GGM should be your first choice in assisting with your future education. Here are just a few.


At GGM, all our services are free, right from your very first contact with us. Our counsellors will provide free advice and guidance in exploring your study options, lodging and follow up on your applications as well as assisting you in getting acceptance into the institution with the course of your choice. Our services also include assistance in student visa application, sourcing for student accommodation, flight booking and airport reception. Above all, we have pre-departure sessions that will equip you with information on culture shock, health and travel insurance, medical and financial issues, which will help prepare you for your overseas study.


Our Registered Migration Agent can help with immigration and visas issues.
We offer free initial personal assessment of your eligibility regarding your visa options and assist you with the process of your visa application.


AUG is shaped by remarkable group of experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and caring staffs that has a passion for the work they do. Our counsellors have the most up-to-date information about education regulation and admission requirements in Australia and Canada. We are committed in providing personalised and right advice to you in choosing the right course at the right institution with the right duration of study to align with your career goal.

Take a moment to read the testimonials shared by our students on their experience with us.


The process of furthering study can be an exciting journey yet a nerve-shredding stage in your life. At GGM, we are here to guide and help you starting off on your international education journey.

Learn more on the steps of how we can help you throughout the process of furthering your study.


Through our experienced staff members, GGM can provide you with the guidance to your answer!

GGM assures that YOU will be our highest priority by turning oversight into opportunities of your lifetime.

GGM understands your concerns and will lead you back onto the right track.

GGM will inspire YOU to be successful in your chosen study path.

At GGM, we offer the best advice and counselling assistance. We want you to stand out, stand tall and to be what you want to be.

Benefits For You

The main benefit is complete peace of mind. You can make your move to Australasia, North America, UAE or the UK safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

Here are just some of the many benefits that GGM can offer you:

  • A wide range of study opportunities researched for you
  • An independent view of the suitability of a particular institution and course
  • Helping you maximise course satisfaction by prioritising your own specific needs
  • Access to a wide variety of quality universitites and study institutions
  • A reduction in your communication costs in the application process
  • Tracking your application and following up your offer
  • Advice about applying for a student visa
  • Assistance in arranging travel and appropriate accommodation arrangements
  • All benefits of an agency arrangement with central accountability
  • A close working partnership with a professional service but with overheads only in proportion to results achieved
  • A commitment from us to understand the full needs of the client institution and fulfil them accordingly
  • The provision of a comprehensive profile on all student applications to enable the institution to make an informed decision when considering a student’s suitability for a course
  • The reduction of communication costs with prospective students

GGM works with any institution able to offer high quality value for money services to its students. It must also be willing to hold in-depth and ongoing discussions with GGM about its course provision and student services.

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