We provide overseas students with higher education opportunities across the world. We share details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality universities and study institutions.

  • Student Recruitment

  • Interview sessions with leading Universities

  • Visa Counselling

  • Financial advice

  • Dedicated student counselling,

  • Available opportunities across 50 institutions

  • Admissions processing

  • Admissions transfer

GGM acts as a liaison between students and preferred education institutions to place students into the best possible course and institution to suit their education and career goal

Our Services & Commitments

1. To obtain the best possible course offers for you

2. To advise and guide you at every stage of the process

3. To consider your educational interests first at all times


Our services are:

  • Independent
  • Designed to match your own needs
  • Sensitive to the requirements of the universities
  • The best¬†expert advice on courses

Study destinations including the Canada and Australia.


Student Recruitment, Interview sessions with leading Universities, Visa Counselling, Financial advice, Dedicated student counselling, Available opportunities across 50 institutions, Admissions processing, and Admissions transfer

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