Global Case Management System(GCMS)/CAIPS Service in Nigeria

How Much Does It Cost To Get My CAIPS/GCMS File?

GGM CAIPS GCMS Service offers a range of services. Please go through the list of services and select the service you are looking for. It usually takes 35-40 days for the notes to arrive. If the information provided by you is incorrect then your file will be returned by the immigration department without any refund.

Study Permit Services


CAIPS BASIC –  $50/ per File             30 Days       Standard

CAIPS Basic is our standard service in which we will obtain a copy of your file and email the file to you in pdf format. The service takes around 4-5 weeks. No interpretation will be provided with this file


CAIPS BASIC PLUS –   $100/per file       30 Days   Recommended

CAIPS Basic Plus is our extended service of our Basic package, in which we will obtain a copy of your notesand in extra $4 we will read and interpret the various codes/notes written by visa officers (max 4-5 lines). No recommendation will be provided.


CAIPS CASE FILE PLUS – $150/file     37 Days   Recommended

This is an extended service of our CASE FILE package, in which we will obtain a copy of your caips/gcms notes and copies of all the documents that you or your agent submitted with your application. We will read and interpret the various codes/notes written by visa officers.


CAIPS STUDENTS SPECIAL – $200    3    7 Days   Recommended

This package includes CAIPS BASIC PLUS. Based, on the notes, we will review your statement of purpose (SOP) and edit it wherever required. A letter of explanation will be prepared to submit along with your next application.


STUDENTS SOP & LOE – $180/per file  7 Days    STANDARD

Already have your CAIPS/GCMS report? Want help preparing your SOP and letter of explanation. Our experts will do the work while you can focus on your college/university and visa application.


LEGAL ANALYSIS – $250/ per file    3  Days     STANDARD

Already have your GCMS notes? Let a experienced immigration professional analyze it and provide recommendations to you (via email). For any other immigration enquiries, book an in-person or telephonic appointment with the immigration lawyer.


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SOP services for students.

What is GCMS?

The Global Case Management System (GCMS) is an internal system used by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to process all types of visas applications and other requests for applicants worldwide. This includes applications for study permit, visitor visa, citizenship, Express Entry, etc.

How does it help?

Study permit – If you have been refused a study permit then the GCMS notes will have the detailed notes written by the visa officer who worked on your case.These notes are very helpful for improvement incase if you plan to reapply. Most common points indicated would be any missing documents, background check, notes about insuffucient funds, any concerns regarding your academic background or any documents you have already submitted.

Permanent Resident/Visitor Visa – Similar to the study permit, if your application has been refused, you can see the notes of the visa officer and appeal/reapply. If your application is still in progress then you would be able to see the update on your security check, medical check, officer’s review on your eligibility, any comments for documents requested

What is GCMS?

GCMS is the abbreviation for ‘Global Case Management System’, which is the computer system that IRCC officers use to process all immigration and visa applications. The notes are a summary of the activities on your file. If your visa has been rejected then the officer will leave notes about the reason for rejecting

Can I obtain the CAIPS/GCMS Notes on my own?

If you are not a permanent resident/citizen of Canada then you will not be able to obtain the notes by yourself. We can order them on your behalf.

When should I make a request to obtain my CAIPS/GCMS Notes?

A request can be made anytime after you have received your file number. GCMS notes will help you to identify if there are any documents, background checks, medical tests pending. It will help you to act in advance and avoid any visa rejections. If your visa has already been rejected then you should definitely order before reapplying.

Can I request my CAIPS/GCMS Notes without a file number?

No, without a file number, you cannot request for GCMS notes. Study permit applicants should provide UCI number.

How to complete the Consent Form?

Except Section C, you should complete all other sections applicable to you. Section C is only for us and we will complete it as soon as we receive your form.

Does it make a difference which visa office is processing my case?

No, it does not make any difference. Information for all the applicants is available in and stored in one single GCMS system. Once the order is place, your file information will be pulled using your file#

What is the best way to contact you?

You can contact us on Whatapp and facebook page. We always have a agent online to answer your questions from 7 am  to 10 pm . They will help you finish your order. **They might take some time to reply to you if they are busy providing information to other applicants. To contact us on whatapp, you can click on the whatapp icon

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