About US

Great Goodness Multi-Links is an international education consultancy agency that has been recruiting students from all over the world into universities in the Australia and Canada. As market leaders, we offer the widest range of services and commitments to our student customers seeking a higher education in Canada and Australia.

We are a brand that has been tested and certified true over the years and our work speaks for us. We feel proud in introducing the concept of Fast-Track application processing through In-House and University Representatives and fully trained Senior Recruitment Officers. Our Conversion Managers are also in place in our key sending markets, ensuring focus and accountability when converting your enquiries and applicants into full time, enrolling students. Our clients are guaranteed a 99% visa success rate and as a result have marked GGM as the leaders in the industry.

The core strength of GGM is the value our clients get from the services we render even after enrolling in a school and classes have commenced. We are always there to support and guide you every step of the way. GGM combines the voice and trust of most students and gives a dedicated customer service, along with experienced human capital and limitless choice of opportunities into the perfect universities to provide all that is needed for a smoother transition into the school of learning.

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